If you love East London and you want to see it become a place where men and women have an equal shot at making a contribution to their community - you've come to the right place. 

50 years of feminism

Join us in a celebration of how far feminism has come, an exploration of the legacy of the second wave of feminist campaigners and a discussion of what still needs to change. Chaired by Jude Kelly and with a panel including Laura Bates, Beatrix Campbell and Melissa Benn, this promises to be a very special evening. Find out more and book tickets here




Girls Allowed

What is it like being a woman in today’s music business and how do women succeed as artists, journalists, agents and promoters? Though women are highly visible in the music industry, are they the ones benefiting financially? Are the experiences of women different from men, even in 2014?

We explored all this and more at our recent panel discussion. Watch the video here