“The event explored the emotional, sensible and political implications of feminine parenting. Panelists shared their thoughts on relationship and helped North American country in determining: why do girl’s mother, what area unit the implications of ladies mothering, and the way can we amendment cultural assumptions while not undermining motherhood?” – Nihal Haniya Bazzi

“Here we have a tendency to acknowledge the equality and full humanity of ladies and men. We have a tendency to area unit happy to be with East London Fawcett cluster. This cluster is absolutely sensible. I appreciate it quite once. Their activities are very nice. All the folks here area unit broad minded. Here we will learn the way to fight against odd problems like gender difference. ” – Zara Stewart

“In a society wherever the regular gender pay gap is 100%, solely twenty third of Britain MPs area unit girls and a quarter mile of ladies still expertise physical abuse, our dialogue asked what will today’s feminists learn from the Second Wave feminists of the Seventies and ‘80s? What has the gift of the Women’s Movement in hot water girls living within the twenty first century? And the way do today’s feminists’ lives compare to their mothers’?” – Natasha Rees

“The completely different generations on the panel all shared their own individual experiences, fears and hopes for the long run. whereas it absolutely was laborious to listen to the audience and panel categorical frustration for the issues we have a tendency to still expertise, there was a powerful can to celebrate the determination and courageousness of the lads and girls World Health Organization fought for equality then and hope that, maybe additional slowly than we might like, amendment is going on. As panelist Lesley Abdala place it, like AN iceberg, it may be laborious to check the movement however the movement remains there; typically solely once a time are you able to see what has modified.” – John Abraham

“East London Fawcett (ELF) in partnership with Cremer St Salon was proud to host a happening to debate problems girls face within the up to date music business, and to celebrate those who’ve succeeded in an exceedingly male-dominated business.” – Dylan Owens

“We command a good discussion to explore whether or not the gender inequality in galleries may be a product of AN entrenched gender imbalance inside the art world, and what feminine graduates will do to combat this difference.” – Archie Turnbull

“The grief laundry campaign was at Shored itch House to continue our exploration of however the media represents celebrities’ sexualities and relationships. Watch the stream here – however please remember that at fourteen to nineteen minutes this video contains violent and sexually specific material which can be perturbing.” – Tom Marsh

“ELF hosted give-and-take to more explore the problems raised by the grief laundry campaign, like victim blaming and “slut-shaming” on platforms like the tabloids, social media, and beyond. Chaired by congenital anomaly Abrahams, on the panel were Agenda co-founders Holly Baxter and Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett and journalists Sophie Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson, Kieran Yates and Editor Pakistani monetary unit Fielding.” – Taylor Akhtar